ISE - About Us

With a superb team of experts ISE will issue detailed client tailored cost effective space mission radiation analysis, detailed tradeoff studies to recommend the best use of spacecracft & space architecture materials, to help our clients find cost effective solutions that satisfy their needs while optimizing their mission safety solutions.

ISE´s goal is to support and nurture the emerging commercial space industry by providing the much needed independent tailored mission radiation analysis and design support for the several critical elements of a successful human space mission, such as radiation protecion integrated systems engineering solutions as well as providing the phylosophy for the design of novel space architectures and lunar/mars analogue designs.

Other unique ISE areas of expertise include space analogue habitat and analogue base architecture design, radiation assesment and operational radiation procedures development.

With our extenssive network of experts, ISE knows who to bring our clients the necessary expertise to solve your most challenging radiation problems.  

Previous clients of ISE include Frednet Google Lunar X Prize Team, The Spanish Airforce and Paragon Space Development Corporation.