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Dr. Marc M. Cohen
Architect P.C.

Marc M. Cohen is a licensed architect who has devoted his career to design research and development in aerospace, particularly human spaceflight. He took early retirement from NASA Ames Research Center after 26 years in 2005 and then worked for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems for 4.5 years.

Marc Cohen is a Doctor of Architecture (Arch.D) graduate from the University of Michigan, 1995 NASA Full Time Graduate Fellow, Saarinen-Swanson Fellow, holds a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) from Columbia University, is a 1977 Kinne Summer Traveling Fellow A.B. Architecture & Urban Planning Princeton University, 1974 Cum Laude.

His professional qualifications include: Licensed Architect, California, C15756, 1985.

His awards include: 7 US Patents, 3 NASA Space Acts, 2 Ames Commercial Technology Awards, 4 NASA Tech Briefs, 3 NASA Group Achievements, American Institute of Architects Future Architecture, Industrial Designers Society Design Achievement. 

He is a licensed Architect with 25+ years of experience in research and development for the Human Spaceflight Program and 5+ years experience in Aerospace and other technical facilities including wind tunnels, life science labs, simulators, and aircraft support facilities. Languages: English, French. Publications available for download from (Click on Publications; click on Bibliography).

His numerous achievements include:

Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems HUMAN SYSTEM INTEGRATION (H.S.I.) LEAD/Engineer 5

Manager for Human Spaceflight H.S.I. IR&D

Principal Investigator, Spacecraft Habitability 2006-2010

Principal Investigator, Crew Productivity 2009-2010

Principal Investigator, Habitable Modules Configuration Project 2009-2010

Principal Investigator, “Exploration of the Moon and Beyond RFI” 2006.

NASA Ames Research Center

PROJECT ARCHITECT: Habot Mobile Lunar Base/Composite Habitat Project. Coordinated contributors at four NASA Centers, two DOE labs, Eril Research and the University of Naples. 1

GeV/n Fe beam at Brookhaven National Lab gave proof of concept for carbon shielding.

HUMAN ENGINEERING LEAD: SOFIA Layout of Personnel Accommodations – on-board mission control system to put a 2.5m infrared telescope in a 747. Led multidisciplinary team of 15 professionals that developed a new approach to reduce the number of ops crew by half, while enabling double the flight rate and triple the science payload. SAE 975632.

PROJECT ARCHITECT: NASA-Ames Fluid Mechanics Laboratory—Developed the $4M project for four indraft tunnels and an experimental free-standing tunnel high bay.

INVENTOR/TEAM LEAD: Suitport EVA Access Facility—Led a team that developed the analysis for the Suitport that offers order of magnitude improvements in atmosphere loss, pumpdown time, and cooling for spacesuit airlocks. Two Suitports built into the Ames HazMat vehicle, an armored personnel carrier. US Patent No. 4,842,224.

PROPOSAL FACILITATOR / PROJECT ARCHITECT-CONFIGURATION MANAGER for the Human Exploration Demonstration Project (HEDP). Facilitated four research divisions - Human Factors, Information Science, Life Science, and Life Support in a simulation of “A day in the life of a planetary base.”


Aerospace Engineer-Flight System Design (5/95-12/2005)

(Advanced Space Projects Branch, Systems and Project Engineering Branch)

Co-author, The Reference Mission of the NASA Mars Exploration Study Team 1992-1997. NASA SP-6107.

Co-author, NASA Habitats and Surface Construction Technology Roadmap to guide design zero-G and partial-G habitats, and Lunar and Mars surface bases, published in NASA CP-97-206241.

Aerospace Engineer-Manned Systems (9/83-4/95)

(Space Human Factors Office, Advanced Space Technology Office)

Led team that developed the analysis for the Suitport that offered improvements in atmosphere loss, pump down time, and cooling for spacesuit airlocks. US Patent No. 4,842,224.

Developed Space Station habitability accommodations and workstations including the Space Station Wardroom Table US, Patent No. 4,836,114.

Designed outfitting for Marshall Space Flight Center for their US Lab Module. Redrew the rack fabrication drawings for Marshall Space Flight Center and designed the Element Control Work Station with the Deployable Video Conference Table. US Patent No. 5,261,735.

Developed and built Proximity Operations Simulator for space station. Developed space station architecture that introduced the node and cupola into the International Space Station US Patent 4,728,060.

Professional Societies & Recent Public Service:

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Associate Fellow;

Chair emeritus: AIAA Design Engineering Technical Committee,

Chair and organizer: AIAA Space Architecture Working Group & Subcommittee,

Member of the AIAA Space Architecture Technical Committee, and Member of the AIAA Life Sciences & Systems Technical Committees

National Academy of Science:

Managing Radiation Risk for Exploration Committee Member 2006-2008.

NASA Technology Roadmap – Invited testimony on Advanced Habitats 27 April 2011.

18th IAA Humans in Space Symposium, 2 presentations, Houston, 15 April 2011

Member of the American Institute of Architects.