ISE - About Us

With a superb team of experts ISE is a privately funded consulting firm with a core expertise in the area of space radiation. Driven by our passion for safety in space, we offer tailured solutions to asist our clients find effective solutions that satisfy their mission requirements.


Our experts poses extenssive knowledge to solve the challenging radiation problems, having worked in the following programs:

 • SPACE X Dragon and Falcon-9 Flight Computer subsystems

•  STS-87 USMP4 Confined Helium Experience

•  ISS microgravity experiment for the JEM exposed facility

•  NASA GRC CoNNeCT SDR and JSC Project M

•  AFRL TacSAT-3, PnPSat-2 and ORS-1 Avionics Subsystem

•  USAFA FalconSat-5 and FalconSat-6 Spacecraft Computer

•  Orbcomm Generation 2 Payload Computer subsystems (18 spacecrafts)

•  DARPA Orbital Express ASTRO Avionics (3 subsystems)

•  Ares I IUA Flight Computer and Command Telemetry Computer SBC and GigE Switch

•  CONAE/NASA SAC-D/Aquarius Payload Computer subsystems

•  CONAE SARE Spacecraft Computer subsystem

•  JAXA CALorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET) Computer

•  DARPA FALCON HTV Flight Computer and Solid State Recorder

•  Canadian Space Agency SmallSat (Cassiope) and RadarSat Constellation Mission

•  ESA/ISS FASTER Robotic System and ICU data link upgrade

•  Ad Astra Plasma Propulsion Engine Control Subsystem

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