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We want to help you avoid finding out.

Space radiation can wreak havoc and even cause entire space missions to fail mainlly by causing critical communications systems to malfunction and/or fail. To achieve a successful space mission, characterization of the active components in the electronics components is critical to predict the level of success for the mission which will derive operational concepts and return-of-investment expectations.

Saving on expert space radiation protection analysis and measures may cost you your entire mission.

ISE can offer the following list of services to our clients in order to help with these critical challenges:

Radiation Protection & Simulation studies: electronics/avionics (including COTS)

Satellite Systems/Constellations, Spacecraft & other Space Systems

Data/time synchronization for the data science and/or big data analysis to achieve temporal coherence

Collison avoidance with the rest of the satellites within the constellation or with other constellations

We can provide overall engineering support working with clients engineering teams to develop tailored and cost-effective solutions as adapted to the missions desired goals.

For additional services please contact us directly.